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Download CD2X

Click below to download a Shareware version of CD2X version 1.30, 27. December. 2003

Download CD2X ver. 1.30 
as a self extracting exe file (cd2x130.exe, size 830 Kb), preferred method.

Download CD2X ver. 1.30
as a standard Zip file (, size 800 Kb).

Revision history:

Version 1.30. Released 27. December 2003. 

Version 1.21. Released 8. July 2003. 

Version 1.2. Released 20. January 2003. 

Version 1.0. Released 9. December 2002. 



Version 1.30

Multi select of mp3, wav files as source

Version 1.21

Registration changed

Version 1.2

Lookup in freedb, locking in not registered version